Top Tips for Dry Hair

Dry hair can be caused by a number of factors such as sun exposure, heat styling, pollution, and humidity. While dry hair can seem quite unavoidable, it is very manageable and treatable by doing simple daily practices.

Hair masks
There are several hair care products that are designed for the replenishment of dry and brittle hair. One of the most effective hair care treatment products is hair masks. Regularly applying hair masks and fitting them into your weekly hair care routine can have transformative results for the condition of your hair.

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Trim your hair
Your hair may just need a quick reset and a fresh trim to give it some life again. Even if your hair isn’t very long, split ends can make it look lifeless and brittle. Cutting them off can help in restoring your hair and help it grow healthily. Regularly cutting your hair helps with its growth and stops it from getting too unhealthy or weighed down.

Avoid washing it every day
Washing your hair with shampoo removes excess dirt and sweat from hair, but it also strips your hair of sebum, which is the natural oil produced by your scalp to keep hair maintainable and shiny. However, too much sebum can make hair look greasy. Hair doesn’t need to be stripped off this sebum every day, you can get away with washing it every other day and observe the change in results as to whether your hair appears healthier.

If you struggle to go a day without washing try shampoo which is specially made for dry hair or a baby shampoo. These are mildly cleansing, so will clean your hair without completely stripping it of it’s natural oil.

Cut down on heat styling
It may be part of your daily routine to use heating tools on your hair to keep it straight, curly or give it a bit of extra volume. While it may help in the styling of your hair, it is also contributing to it’s damage and can be a major in drying out your hair. It could be worth giving your hair a bit of a break and investing in hair care products to wear hair naturally, and observe the results.

Try colder showers
The hot water that you use to wash your body, may be scalding your hair and scalp and causing it’s increased dryness. Using colder water on hair has some health benefits and can help hair grow faster. After shampooing and conditioning, rinse hair in cooler water to revitalise strands and refresh the scalp.

Wear a hat
A simple way to protect hair from dryness is by protecting it from ultraviolet rays and excessive sun exposure that can cause hair unwanted damage. Wearing a hat during daily activities can protect your hair from these elements and reduce it’s dryness.

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